Fox Bruner

Hi! My name is Fox, I work with Jalyss to create the comics you see on the site here. I write half of them (the ones that say "By Fox") and do the linework, you know... pencilling the characters, inking them... and umm... that's kind of it. You should probably know that as mean as Jalyss likes to come across in her comics, she's really one of the kindest people I know.

I work at a convenience store in real life, selling sandwiches to stupid people at four AM. Whee...

Jalyss is actually a friend of mine who moved with me to St Catharines where we share an apartment. I take part time classes at Brock and generally keep myself busy working on my doodling. I really like doing this comic because it's fun to have a productive outlet for being silly.

Jalyss Barclay

My name is Jalyss, the other co-creator of Faulty Logic. I write every other comic, as well as do the digital half of the comic creation. (Colouring, background creation, frame assembly and other things like that.) Despite what Fox might tell you, I do have a sense of humour. It's just not as... "unusual" as that of my co-creator's.

In reality, I work as a cashier for a grocery chain. I hate every second of it, but it's one of few places in St Catharines to work in between classes at Brock University.

I enjoy doing this comic because it gives me a chance to voice some opinions on things that occasionally cross my mind. If you get a laugh from any of them, so much the better.


For reasons not fully understood, Eden chooses to spend a portion of her free time with Fox. While doesn't always fully appreciate Fox's "eccentricities", her kind heart and tolerant nature seem to help her cope.

Eden currently works the retail game along with Jalyss and Fox, and has a wide variety of hobbies from casual video-gaming to arts and crafts to singing.

While she is easily as impulsive as Fox, she's the far less likely of the two to do or say something incredibly bone-headed.

Drunken Lighter Guy

Everybody has met Drunken Lighter Guy at least once in their lives. He represents every bad decision that members of the younger generation make after consuming just a bit too much alcohol. Although he is forever the fool in any situation, it doesn't seem to bother him in the least.


Eric Evilson

Eric Evilson is the (supposedly) fictional CEO of Evilson Enterprises, the world's largest manufacturer of inept security guards and North America's largest exporter of Evil. As of yet, nobody has seen his face, so his appearance is still a mystery. All that is known about him (aside from his affinity for evil) is that he is a big fan of Faulty Logic.

Michael Bay

Michael Bay is a director who makes highly entertaining movies that are just good enough for you to watch, and just bad enough for you to make fun of.

We're fairly certain he doesn't actually harm endearing old men.

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