Whose idea was it to make a comic?
Fox: Mine! I had been doodling for fun for a few years, but I wasn't really accomplishing anything, and when I saw some other webcomics I really liked, I got kind of inspired to try it myself. I'm not exactly sure why Jalyss agreed to do this with me though...
Jalyss: It actually was Fox's idea, and I'm glad he thought of it. I'd been looking for a medium to express my thoughts for a long time. and Blogs, Essays and Rants just were not my kind of thing.

Why the name "Faulty Logic"?
Jalyss: Fox and I had different ideas on what a webcomic should be about and what type of humour was appropriate. In the end we agreed to take turns writing scripts in a non-continuous comic. I actually stuck the name in as a placeholder when creating the comic templates because neither of us had thought ahead enough to come up with a name.
Fox: I actually liked the name. It seemed to say "We're silly!" and "People are dumb and we hate them!" at the same time. As an added bonus, there wasn't even a comic named that already. What are the odds?

How old are you?
Fox: 23 right now, Born March 1985.
Jalyss: My Birthday is August the same year.

Where do you live?
Fox: I live in a perpetual state of denial.
Jalyss: St Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

What is Fox?

What is Jalyss?
Jalyss: I'm a Bastan.
Fox: Don't be so hard on yourself!

What are those things on Jalyss's head?
Fox: Decorations, I think.
Jalyss: They're antennae, they're my sense of smell because Basti have no noses.

If Jalyss doesn't have a nose, how does she breathe?
Jalyss: I breathe through small aperatures on my back, I CAN breathe through my mouth, but for anything other than talking, it's sort of unneccesary. (How much sense does it make for humans to eat through the same tube they breathe through? Seriously...)
Fox: Duckie!

Why are only main characters non-human?
Fox: There's a couple of recurring human characters... Drunken Lighter Guy, our favourite director... umm... Invisible Pete, the professional Mime. He's in like, every other comic or so.
Jalyss: I assure you there is order to the world-sense, but we're not ready to spill everything just yet. The short answer from the creative standpoint is that we're commenting on the "real world" with fictional characters, so non-human characters in largely human settings just makes sense for that purpose. Really, I wouldn't try to read too much into this though, it's just a gag-a-week/satire strip.

Are you... furries?
Fox: Yes and No. Yes I empathize greatly with foxes and am not particularily picky when it comes to attracitive female people (human, alien, fantasy, anthropomorphic or otherwise.) No, I don't own any fursuits or desire to particate orgies.
Jalyss: No, I'm not. Fox likes the foxy ladies, not so much me.

Is Eden a real person?
Fox: Eden is based loosely on a mutual friend of ours, but mostly she's not.
Jalyss: The "Fox" and "Jalyss" characters cover most of the personality spectrum we needed for the comic dynamic, but it soon became clear that there was a small gap that we needed to fill. We went through several designs for the "third character" before we finally settled on Eden.

Why do you hate Michael Bay so much?
Jalyss: Contrary to the impression you get from the comics, I actually love Michael Bay movies. The most fun I can have a theatre is picking apart a terrible script, the fact that things are exploding in giant fireballs is just a bonus.
Fox: Remember when the giant thing crashed into the other thing and it was all like NNNYYRROOOOM Kablam!! And then that guy said that really cheesy line? That was awesome!

How do you make the comic?
Fox: First one of us needs a script, this is usually just a text file describing each frame, the things that need to be drawn for it, and the dialogue that is supposed to fit there. Then I get to work drawing! I pencil out all the bits and pieces and then ink them and pass them off to Jalyss.
Jalyss: While Fox is working on drawing, I'm usually drawing the backgrounds for each frame. Once I get the inks, I scan them into the computer and touch them up and colour them, leaving me with a hundred or so bits and pieces. After that it's just a matter of using a big enough comic frame template and sticking all the bits and pieces together. Throw in some word bubbles and onomotapoea and it's a comic.

How long does it take you to make a comic?
Fox: Drawing isn't so bad, I can usually get it done in 3 to 6 hours, depending on how much needs to be drawn, or how much trouble I'm having with a picture. It can take a little longer if I'm feeling unmotivated.
Jalyss: The digital half is a bit more consistant and methodical than Fox's scrawlings, It's about half an hour of work per frame or so, depending on the number of elements that need to be coloured and how extensive a background is needed. The whole process can range anywhere from 3 to 9 hours.

Why only once a week?
Fox: We're lazy.
Jalyss: One comic a week is about the most Fox and I can produce without our work suffering. By only doing one a week, we can ensure that only our very best ideas and effort go into it.

Do you write the comments before or after the comic?
Jalyss: The comments are written only after the comic is 100% completed, it allows Fox and I to both give our very candid final thoughts on the whole topic before it hits the internet.
Fox: What we usually do is just sit over the finished comic and write whatever we say about it. The newspost jokes usually come from me saying something like "Wouldn't it be funny if..." And then we do it. (Which might require an other hour or so of quick drawing, but it's usually pretty quick)

What is with the Squirrels?

Why does Fox never wear a shirt?
Fox: Shirts chafe my chest. Just count yourself lucky I wear pants!
Jalyss: I didn't need that image...

What is your favourite gaming console/video game?
Fox: My favourite console is probably... the Gamecube, or the Playstation 2. I'm not really sure. My favourite game would have to be... Actually, that's pretty tough. I'd go With Super Smash Brothers Melee.
Jalyss: I think the best console would have to be the PC, In recent years I've found that PC games tend to come with a depth and originality that console games have lacked lately. (with a handful of exceptions) Ironically though, I'd have to say my favourite game of all time is the Legend of Zelda, Twlight Princess.

What warcraft server do you play on?
Jalyss: Thorium Brotherhood
Fox: Thorium Brotherhood

Could you link to my site?
Jalyss: We do like to link to other webcomics, particularily ones we like, and I assure you we'll both look at any link you send us, but it is entirely at our discression who we link to. If you are putting alot of effort into your comic, and have worked at making your site pretty, your chances are good.
Fox: Please don't call us jerks.

If I made a guest comic or fan art, would you put it up?
Jalyss: We love guest comics and guest art, but there are a few reasons we might not put them up. The first and most important one is content, Faulty Logic itself contains only sparce foul language, mild sexual themes, and cartoon violence. Anything with content stronger than this will not go up on the site.
Fox: Anything and everything that meets the content requirements will be put into the fan art gallery if you want it to go there. If we really really like what you've done, you might even see it on a "Fan Wednesday" where we dedicate the front page to the awesome thing that has been sent to us.

What are your real names? What do you look like in real life?

How long do you plan on doing the comic?
Jalyss: Faulty Logic has no story-line, so there will never be an official "end" to the comic. As long as we have ideas and the time to draw them, there will be Faulty Logic.
Fox: Unless we die somehow. That would be bad.

Fox: *gnaws own tail* hmm?
Jalyss: Why not?

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